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This journal kills brain cells.

8 March 1988
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I like Christmas and I want to be a child forever.

24 hour party people, ab fab, acting, actors, alison "vv" mosshart, all rock'n'roll is homosexual, american psycho, arcadia, arrested development, art brut, belle and sebastian, bertolt brecht, big cities, bill murray, björk, black rebel motorcycle club, black tights, blondie, blur, bob dylan, bret easton ellis, brett anderson, brian eno, britpop, cabaret, cat power, cigarettes, classic rock, cole porter, dancer in the dark, david bowie, david lynch, depeche mode, depression, dictionaries, dogville, donna tartt, donnie darko, eating disorders, echo & the bunnymen, elastica, existentialism, femmeboys, films, gang of four, gary numan, george orwell, gigs, glam rock, goldfrapp, hats, hedwig, ian curtis, iggy pop, interpol, irony, jane horrocks, jarvis cocker, jefferson airplane, jennifer saunders, joanna lumley, joy division, judy garland, justine frischmann, kate bush, kings of leon, kirsten dunst, lars von trier, lily allen, literary fiction, live music, london, lou reed, madchester, maggie gyllenhaal, manic street preachers, marc bolan, margaret atwood, michael parkinson, mick rock, morrissey, mulholland drive, music journalism, music snobs, musical theatre, my bloody valentine, new order, new wave, new york, nico, nihilism, nirvana, oasis, parisian chic, patrick wolf, patti smith, peter doherty, pink floyd, pixies, pop levi, post-punk, pretentiousness, psychedelica, public image ltd, pulp, radiohead, ramones, richey edwards, ricky gervais, robert smith, roxy music, sex pistols, shoegazing, singing, siouxsie and the banshees, skinny boys, smoking, sonic youth, suede, sylvia plath, synthpop, t.rex, the arcade fire, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the dandy warhols, the doors, the human league, the jam, the kills, the libertines, the long blondes, the office, the rakes, the smiths, the stone roses, the stooges, the strokes, the velvet underground, the virgin suicides, the who, theatre, trainspotting, twin peaks, wes anderson, white rose movement, william shakespeare, yeah yeah yeahs, ziggy stardust